Miles Away / Madonna



 カーペンターズから一転、最新の曲に。でも年間に何曲かは、そのときヒットしている曲に挑戦したいなぁと思い、選びました。フジテレビ・ドラマ「CHANGE」の主題歌、マドンナの"Miles Away"です。やっぱり、テレビ等で耳にする機会が多い曲を選びたいところです。


 最近の曲らしく、歌詞も多く、早口だけど、比較的リズムに乗せやすい歌です。まぁ、"So far away〜"だけでも「参加した気分」が味わえるのがポイント。やっぱり、歌はこういう部分が大切。(笑)

 この曲にしようっと、と思ったらiTunes Storeでこの曲だけダウンロードで買えるのはとっても便利。実際今朝買いました。いい時代になったなぁ。


I just woke up from a fuzzy dream
You never would believe those things that I had seen
I looked in the mirror and I saw your face
You looked right through me, you were miles away
All my dreams they fade away
I'll never be the same
If you could see me the way you see yourself
I can't pretend to be someone else

You always love me more, miles away
I hear it in your voice, we're miles away
You're not afraid to tell me, miles away
I guess we're at our best when we're miles away
So far away
When no one's around then I have you here
I begin to see the picture, it becomes so clear
You always have the biggest heart,
When we're six thousand miles apart
Too much of no sound
Uncomfortable silence can be so loud
Those three words are never enough
When it's long distance love
※ Repeat
So far away
I'm alright, don't be sorry, but it's true
When I'm gone you'll realize
That I'm the best thing that happened to you
※ Repeat
So far away